Sweet Revenge – The Passion HiFi

chk: testing 1,2,3
Anonymous2: what do I do?
Anonymous2: boombap
Anonymous2: I see you
Anonymous12: Wassup yall???
Anonymous19: lemme see some bars
Anonymous89: My name is SpitRaw I stole it from Arsenal//
Anonymous89: Now he only Spits Sick when he visits a hospital//
Anonymous89: Oooooops Powwww Surpriseeee
Anonymous90: Message!
Anonymous124: check it. bout to wreck it get my neck in a twist kid... buck nekkid with the liquid and willin to risk it. cheese and a trisquit. gravy and bisquits. dashing and deboinairre? yup. Rogue and a misfit.
Anonymous124: Jos up in this s**t? You know Im Poe but mo twisted. Thought Id pop in for a minute and flow with the gifted.
Anonymous807: < Def Phonetics
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Music By The Passion HiFi

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